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Why You Should Use Granite Gold Sealer Wipes® for your Natural Stone Countertop

Why You Should Use Granite Gold Sealer Wipes® for your Natural Stone Countertop

Why You Should Use Granite Gold Sealer Wipes® for your Natural Stone Countertop

Posted by Stone Care Experts | May 31, 2018 | Product Reviews

Review By Our Family World Magazine, Published May 31, 2018

Want to keep your granite counters looking as gorgeous as the day you installed them?

There are three major things you need to watch out for: stains, etches, and water spots.

Today, we’re going to talk about the difference between these three issues as well as how to both prevent and correct them!

You’ll also find out why Granite Gold Sealer Wipes® are an essential tool in preventing stains, etch marks and water spots!

Let’s learn all about it!

Stains, Etches, and Water Spots: What’s the Difference?
While all three can completely ruin the beauty of your expensive granite countertops, there are some very big differences between stains, etches, and water spots. Let’s find out what they are, as well as how to prevent and correct each one.


We’ve all dealt with stains, so I don’t think I need to explain to you what the word itself means! A lighter-colored stone is more porous than darker-colored stone. When it comes to all your natural stone surfaces, a stain happens because the stone’s pores absorb a liquid below the surface.

The good news? If you have a strong seal on your granite or other natural stone, a spill from a glass of red juice that’s wiped up right away usually won’t leave you with a lifelong reminder of your mistake.

Even if you don’t get to it right away, there’s still plenty of hope that you won’t have to live with a big ugly red mark in the middle of your pretty counter! Granite Gold® offers plenty of tips on how to clean stains.

The key is to keep your stone in great condition so that stains don’t have a chance to really settle in. You can do this by sealing the stone with Granite Gold Sealer Wipes®.


Etches are a little scarier than stains. I thought that etching was akin to scratching, as in “I used a nail to etch my name into a rock.”

It’s not, though. It’s actually a chemical reaction that occurs when your stone is exposed to acids in things like lemon juice and soda. Most common household cleaners are also acidic, which is why you really shouldn’t use them on your granite.

Sometimes, stains and etches go hand-in-hand. For example, you leave a cup of coffee on your counter before you go on vacation and your cat knocks it over. The coffee itself leaves a visible stain, while the acids from it eats into your stone.

While you can use stain removal techniques to get rid of the visible coffee stain itself, they won’t work on the etching. There are some tutorials out there for DIY etching repair, but your best bet is to contact a professional stone restoration specialist. You don’t want to end up doing more damage and paying for more extensive repairs.

Water Spots

Water spots are exactly what they sound like: areas of discoloration caused by water. They are the most common issues to affect granite, especially if you have a granite sink or shower. Fortunately, they’re also pretty easy to deal with.

In fact, many times you don’t even have to do anything with them! Just wait for them to dry and the stain will vanish. If you’re worried about staining, just blot up any excess water with a soft towel.

Preventing water stains is even easier than dealing with them! Use Granite Gold Sealer Wipes® to seal the stone and keep the water out in the first place.

Why Granite Gold Sealer Wipes®?
Granite Gold® brand stone-care products are created by a third-generation family of stone-care experts with more than 55 years’ experience in manufacturing, installation, and restoration.

The new Granite Gold Sealer Wipes® are the first of their kind! They combine the power of Granite Gold Sealer® with the convenience of a cleaning wipe so you can quickly seal your granite, marble, limestone, slate, and other natural stone!

I love that they’re safe and gentle on hands! Each wipe is thick enough to seal up to about 75 feet of stone! That’s about the size of your entire kitchen!

The water-based formula in the wipes is the same that you’re used to in the Granite Gold Sealer® spray bottle. It’s designed to offer the best possible protection against staining, etching, and water spots.

Just pull out a wipe, follow the directions, and then re-seal the pouch until the next time. It only takes a couple of minutes to care for all your counters. It’s recommended to clean prior to sealing to prevent miniscule particles from sealing into your stone.

While your granite countertops can survive stains and etching, it’s a lot easier to prevent problems in the first place than deal with them when they happen. Granite Gold Sealer Wipes® are an easy and convenient way to keep your natural stone looking stunning.

Find Granite Gold Sealer Wipes® and other Granite Gold® products at & Bed Bath and Beyond Canada. Follow Granite Gold® on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with news. Check them out on Pinterest for more tips and inspiration!


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