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5 Suggestions for Those Who Use Their Quartz Countertops on a Daily Basis

5 Suggestions for Those Who Use Their Quartz Countertops on a Daily Basis

5 Suggestions for Those Who Use Their Quartz Countertops on a Daily Basis

Posted by Stone Care Experts | April 12, 2019 | Quartz, Stone Care Blog
Everyday Use of Quartz Countertops San Diego, CA

For many years, quartz has become one of the most popular materials for kitchen counter surfaces. Aside from home chefs, cosmetologists who work from home will also find quartz to be a superior surface when compared to ceramic tile and laminate. In July 2017, a Consumer Reports test of various surfaces determined that quartz is only second to stainless steel for extremely busy kitchens. In fact, the upscale Coal Office restaurant of London’s King’s Cross district chose quartz for all food prep surfaces because the owners wanted a stylish workplace for the culinary staff. Even though quartz is more durable than granite, laminate, and solid surface materials, it’s not indestructible. If your quartz counters are subjected to heavy activity on a daily basis, make sure to pay mind to the following recommendations.

1. Stay on Top of Daily Maintenance

When you order a pint of lager at a modern British pub, chances are the bar surface is made of quartz, and you can also bet the staff is required to clean it on a daily basis. You might be tempted to use common household cleaners on quartz, but doing so could cause damage to your countertops. Luckily, routine quartz maintenance is something that can be accomplished with a paper towel or microfiber cloth and a specially formulated quartz cleaner such as Granite Gold Quartz Brite®. Quartz can withstand considerable abuse, but it still needs to be cleaned regularly.

2. Watch the Edges

The corners and edges of quartz countertops can chip and crack if they’re constantly being struck with blunt or sharp objects. Chipped edges can always be fixed by a stone restoration professional. If you know your quartz surfaces are going to get a lot of use, make sure to ask for rounded edges that are less prone to chipping.

Homeowners who purchase new quartz countertops can obtain a protection plan from Granite Gold® that covers chips, scratches, hard water marks, stains, etching, and more. You can purchase the plan from your installer for 5-year protection or visit a local Home Depot for 10-year protection. If accidental damage occurs, we send someone out to repair the damage at no additional cost.

3. Keep Hot Objects Away

Even though quartz isn’t likely to crack at high temperatures, it may lose some of its color if it’s constantly exposed to hot pots, pans, and baking sheets coming right out of the oven. Always use trivets, mats, and pads to isolate your quartz surfaces from hot objects.

4. Take Care of Spills Immediately

Getting into the habit of wiping up spills immediately can prevent stains. Keep your quartz cleaner handy along with a microfiber cloth in case of spills. Save yourself from the hassle of attempting to remove stains from quartz, as there are no recommended DIY solutions. Instead, contact a stone restoration professional.

5. Deep Clean Periodically

Any surface that’s put through heavy use will eventually require a round of deep cleaning, which in the case of quartz can be done with a soft scrubbing pad and Granite Gold Quartz Brite®. Make sure to always dry the surface completely after you clean.

The above tips also apply if your countertops are made of natural stone such as granite. Care for your quartz and natural-stone surfaces properly with the help of the high-quality products offered by Granite Gold®. All of our products are safe to use on all types of quartz as well as natural stone, including granite, marble, and slate. To learn more, give us a call at 1-800-475-STONE (7866).

We also have a Facebook page, which offers regular tips on caring for quartz and natural stone. Make sure to like the page today.

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