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Care for Bathroom Made of Marble San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 06 August 2020

Not that resale value is everything, but one of the first rules of home investing is that the best value for your money comes from the kitchen and bathrooms. These…

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Mop Natural Stone Flooring San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 04 June 2020

It feels like stone flooring is all the rage these days, but really, we’re just seeing a resurgence of the long reigning king – a title it held for centuries…

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Mistakes People Makes When Caring for Stone Patios
Posted by The Lennys | 17 April 2020

Stone paved floors, walkways and roads have been an architectural staple for hundreds of years for good reason: they last. Now in an age of man-made concrete and pavement replacing…

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