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What Stone to use for Natural-Stone Shower Walls San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 12 March 2020

If there is one thing that we’ve learned from MTV Cribs, it’s that the bedroom is where all the magic happens (seriously, they all say that). If there are two…

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Granite Gold Products®
Posted by The Lennys | 04 February 2015

Home improvement enthusiasts know all too well it’s better on the wallet to avoid costly repair and replacement. That’s at the core of Granite Gold® brand stone-care products, which are…

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Ask The Experts
Posted by The Lennys | 28 October 2013

More questions from homeowners looking to protect their stone surfaces, with answers from the Stone Care Experts. How can we help you? Just Ask the Experts or visit us on…

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Ask The Experts
Posted by The Lennys | 29 May 2013

Showers and baths can be the toughest areas of the house to keep clean, particularly when there’s granite and other natural stone surfaces to maintain. Typical, everyday household cleaners can…

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Granite Gold Logo®
Posted by The Lennys | 15 August 2012

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean your home-improvement to-do list is complete. And when money’s tight, that do-it-yourself motivation gets even stronger. From a little yard work to…

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Posted by The Lennys | 27 July 2012

Granite Gold® gets your shower sparkling.

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Posted by The Lennys | 18 July 2012

My walls are still shiny!

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Posted by The Lennys | 13 July 2012

The Shower Cleaner freakin’ worked!  It cleaned the tub and grout wonderfully.

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