Granite Cleaning

Granite Cleaning

Information About Granite And Etching
Posted by The Lennys | May 2, 2020

Two of the most common forms of damage to natural-stone countertops comes in the form of staining and etching. While stains are the result of a substance penetrating the pores of the stone and leaving its residue, etching is actually a chemical burn on the structure itself. Etching is often mistaken for a water stain,…

Granite Gold Countertop Cleaning Tips
Posted by The Lennys | April 4, 2020

Granite has been a staple building material for us going back to ancient times, but the past few decades have seen granite countertops, in particular, explode in popularity. Striking just the right balance between decoration and utility, granite countertops are as much a work of art as they are a practical investment into your home….

How to disinfect your granite and other natural stone
Posted by The Lennys | March 27, 2020

In this continually changing landscape of health concerns, it’s more important than ever to stay informed on best health practices — especially when dealing with food-prep surfaces such as your countertops. When it comes to natural-stone surfaces in particular, there are more considerations in terms of cleaning, disinfecting and caring for than with other materials….

Home Bar with Granite Countertop San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | March 10, 2020

Forged over the course of thousands of years through intense heat and immense pressure deep underground, granite is tough stuff. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely impervious to damage. Accidents, of course happen, but it’s important to be aware of the limitations of what your granite and other natural stone can handle, and what you…

Should You Polish Granite Counters San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | March 10, 2020

With each slab being a unique piece of natural art, it’s easy to see why granite has become a staple building stone in the past few decades. Granite also has the reputation of being quite a resilient material, which is true, though that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require care and maintenance to stay looking so…

Difficult to Clean Granite or Quartz San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | December 4, 2019

In one of the most talked-about celebrity real estate deals of 2019, veteran Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges sold his Montecito estate, located in Southern California, to media mogul Oprah Winfrey. According to a report published by the Sacramento Bee, the main residential structure in the four-acre property went through considerable remodeling before Winfrey snapped it…

Hard Water Stain Removal on Granite San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | November 29, 2019

There are various stains that properly sealed granite will be able to withstand, and water is one of them—as long as it’s wiped up promptly and not left to sit on the surface of the stone for a long time, but this doesn’t include limescale accumulation from water that has a high mineral content. Granite…

Can Acetone Be Used on Granite Countertops San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | November 20, 2019

In certain settings, the chemical compound known as acetone is used as a cleaner. Also known as propanone, acetone is a solvent used in many industrial laboratories for general cleaning, but it’s also used to formulate paint thinner and nail polish remover, two substances that should never be used to clean most natural-stone surfaces. In…

How to Get Rid of Cloudiness on Granite Countertops San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | October 11, 2019

Granite flooring and countertops look great, particularly if the stone has been honed and polished to a glossy finish, but when a cloudy film forms on the surface, you get the opposite effect. With haziness and cloudiness on granite surfaces, there are various levels of causes and severity. In most situations, this is something you…

Best Granite Countertop Cleaner San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | July 12, 2019

When you choose to install granite tiles or slabs in your home, you’ll have to make a commitment to keeping this natural stone looking great. One of the advantages of granite is its resiliency. When compared to marble, granite countertops are superior in terms of stain resistance and overall durability. Notwithstanding this resiliency, granite requires…

Prevent Cloudiness on Granite Countertops San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | April 26, 2019

Homeowners who have granite countertops in their kitchens or bathrooms may run into situations where the surface becomes cloudy or hazy, and this is bound to be more noticeable with darker granite colors. In many cases, the hazy appearance is limited to the surface and can be easily dealt with. However, a more serious problem…

Chimney Sweep
Posted by The Lennys | December 29, 2017

By Paul Denikin, Getting a jump on home maintenance is smart. By doing preventative upkeep, you can save yourself costly repairs and keep things running smoothly and efficiently.  Here are some preparations you can make now before the temperatures fall. Safe and warm.  Some of the basic maintenance items you should tend now will…

Getting Rid of Dish Soap Rings on Granite Counters
Posted by The Lennys | October 6, 2017

If liquid dish soap has left an unsightly stain or ring on your granite countertops, it’s a sign your granite needs to be resealed. Soap rings can be very stubborn because they occur when the porous stone absorbs the water and soap residue. To remove the stains, you will need to lift them out of…

Granite Gold Countertop Cleaning Tips
Posted by The Lennys | August 25, 2017

With proper care, countertops made of granite or other types of natural stone like marble and travertine can last a lifetime without losing their brilliance. Granite is truly an investment in your home, but as with anything else of value, it needs to be cared for to maximize its beauty and lifespan. If you don’t…

Granite Colors for Bathroom
Posted by The Lennys | August 18, 2017

Granite is one of the most durable countertop materials available, but that’s not all it has to offer. This natural stone adds elegance to any space, and it’s very easy to maintain, making it a top choice for bathroom vanities, showers, and flooring. As a natural material, granite comes in a huge variety of colors…

Acidic Cleaners Dangerous To Use on Granite?
Posted by The Lennys | August 4, 2017

Granite is a low maintenance product that requires very little care, but it is important to use the right products to clean your granite countertops or floor. Despite its durability, granite is a porous stone that can absorb liquids, some of which result in staining or etching, a dullness that may permanently disfigure your granite….

Little-Known Facts About Granite
Posted by The Lennys | April 7, 2017

Granite is a popular choice for countertops in bathrooms and kitchens, and it’s easy to see why. It’s durable, attractive, and comes in styles that can suit any home’s décor. However, there’s more to granite than good looks alone. The Stone Care Experts at Granite Gold® want to share a few fun facts you might…

Information About Granite And Etching
Posted by The Lennys | April 5, 2017

Granite is a popular countertop material for a myriad of reasons, but this stone is not without its due course of maintenance and proper care. When it comes to granite care, many homeowners already know the importance of regularly cleaning, sealing, and polishing granite to maintain a beautiful finish and protect the stone from penetration…

What Not to Use for Cleaning Granite?
Posted by The Lennys | February 22, 2017

Today, you will find that many homes feature amazing granite countertops in their kitchens and bathrooms. Because granite is durable when it comes to heat, it might surprise you to learn it can be damaged due to a simple cleaning. Using a professional granite cleaner is the easiest and safest way to clean granite, and…

Granite Cleaning Scrub
Posted by The Lennys | February 18, 2017

Though there are a variety of materials you can choose to use for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, granite offers many unique advantages. Aside from being easy to care for, granite offers these 5 major benefits. 1. Durability Granite is a naturally hard stone that will last for many years, making it an excellent choice…

Are Granite Countertops Outdated?
Posted by The Lennys | February 16, 2017

Granite has been a top choice for kitchen and bathroom counters for a long time, and it remains in style in 2017 for several reasons. The Stone Care Experts at Granite Gold® discuss a few reasons why granite isn’t going to stop being a popular choice for homeowners anytime soon. Appearance and Type A big part…

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