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Vinegar on Natural Stone San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | January 4, 2019

Homemade cleaning solutions featuring vinegar have become very popular in recent years because of their natural appeal. Even though a significant amount of the white vinegar found on supermarket shelves these days is synthetic, which means it’s a carboxylic acid produced by a chemical process that happens to be very similar to the biological process,…

Natural Stone Cleaner
Posted by Stone Care Experts | October 12, 2018

Daily cleaning is one of the keys to keeping natural stone looking great. If you’re new to stone care and aren’t sure how to clean granite and other types of natural stone such as marble, sandstone, travertine, and slate, proper stone care begins with choosing the right cleaning products, and Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® is…

Remove Water Spots from Natural Stone
Posted by Stone Care Experts | October 5, 2018

Bathhouse ruins in places such as Caracalla, Bath, and Wiesbaden are certainly magnificent, but they would look even better these days had ancient builders been able to develop a sealant formula. Marble and travertine, the most commonly found materials in ancient bathhouses, happen to be very porous and absorbent, which means they’re susceptible to water…

Cleaning Marble Showers & Tubs
Posted by Stone Care Experts | June 22, 2018

The sophisticated look of marble tiles in the bathroom can add significant value to a property and enhance the overall bathing and grooming experience, particularly when exotic stone such as creamy Carrara marble is used. When it comes to showers and tub surrounds, marble isn’t difficult to clean if you know how to do it…

Spill Wine on Stone Countertop
Posted by Stone Care Experts | April 25, 2018

-When you go online to look for advice on removing wine stains, you will likely find more than two million websites offering advice, tips, and numerous methods to handle this household situation. Spilled wine is something that happens far too often. This ancient fermented beverage is known to ruin favorite garments, sofas, rugs, and carpets,…

Removing Wax & Oil from Stone Tiles
Posted by Stone Care Experts | April 18, 2018

As ancient and durable as natural stone is, it’s not impervious to substances such as oil, grease, and wax, which can break through the protective seal of tiles and cause stains and damage that could be permanent if they are not handled properly. The reason granite, marble, and other types of natural-stone tiles are vulnerable…

How to Clean Stains on Marble
Posted by Stone Care Experts | April 11, 2018

As the most elegant and timeless construction material in the world, marble has a natural property that makes it vulnerable to stains. Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it started off as limestone that was eventually changed by chemical and geological processes. This metamorphic property is not lost when marble blocks are extracted from…

Chimney Sweep
Posted by Stone Care Experts | December 29, 2017

By Paul Denikin, Getting a jump on home maintenance is smart. By doing preventative upkeep, you can save yourself costly repairs and keep things running smoothly and efficiently.  Here are some preparations you can make now before the temperatures fall. Safe and warm.  Some of the basic maintenance items you should tend now will…

Things That Cause Cloudiness on Stone Countertops
Posted by Stone Care Experts | July 28, 2017

Stone countertops are a major investment in a home’s value, and the last thing you want is to damage a surface that should last as long as the home. However, improper maintenance and cleaning of natural stone like granite and marble can lead to a noticeable haze or cloudiness that detracts from the appearance of…