Stone Care Blogs

Stone Care Blogs

Bold Statement Natural Stone San Diego, CA
Posted by SEO Experts | March 14, 2018

Homeowners who wish to drastically increase the value of their property should think about making strong and lasting impressions with natural stone designs. After decades of laminates, vinyl, and other engineered construction materials, homeowners are rediscovering the beautiful and timeless appeal of geological wonders such as marble, granite, travertine, and other natural stones that have…

Landscape Architects Preference for Natural Stone San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | March 9, 2018

If you hire a reputable landscape design firm to handle an outdoor project in your property, chances are the architect will include the use of natural stone in the proposal. In fact, most landscape architects may even go as far as to question your choice of a concrete garden path when tumbled limestone slabs, paver…

Bluestone for Outdoor Spaces San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | March 7, 2018

Bluestone is the name given to rocks formed by diverse geological processes that have occurred in various regions of the world. In North America, bluestone is essentially sandstone or limestone that was originally extracted from New England quarries during colonial times, although similar stone formations were later found in the river valleys of Pennsylvania and…

Granite Versus Ceramic Tile San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | February 28, 2018

The importance of choosing the right construction materials for flooring and counter surfaces boils down to more than just looks. Over the last few years, laminate materials have been heavily marketed to homeowners due to their modern engineering, lower cost, and ease of installation, but ceramic and granite are two materials that have proven to…

Important Limestone Facts San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | February 23, 2018

Limestone has long been popular for architecture with a history that goes back to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Today, limestone is often used for flooring but it can also be used for showers and countertops. Here’s what you should know about this beautiful natural stone and how to use it in your home. What…

Slate Flooring San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | February 21, 2018

You have a lot of options for flooring, even if you’ve already narrowed down your choices to natural stone. While granite and travertine have a lot to offer, slate is a unique choice with beautiful shades that complement any design. Slate is one of the most forgiving types of stone when it comes to spills…

Travertine Countertops San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | February 16, 2018

In recent decades, nicely polished slabs of granite have virtually become a standard of interior décor for kitchen and bathroom counters, and there are various reasons that justify this trend. While granite is durable and very attractive, its current popularity in the United States can be attributed to the flurry of trade agreements that came…

Natural Stone Throughout History San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | February 14, 2018

When you select natural stone such as marble for your floors or granite for your countertops, there is a good chance the chosen material could be more than 200 million years old. Furthermore, some of the criteria that influences your decision may have been applied by ancient architects and builders dating back to the Bronze…

Uncommon Uses for Granite San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | February 9, 2018

You’re already familiar with granite countertops, floors, and showers, but there are many ways to incorporate a beautiful piece of natural granite in your home. Granite can have a grounding effect in any room or become an eye-catching focal point. Here are some creative and unconventional ways to use granite inside your home. 1. Dining…

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