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Stone Care

Care for Bathroom Made of Marble San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 08 January 2020

A bathroom entirely clad in creamy-white Carrara marble is a design idea many homeowners dream about. According to Kitchen & Bath Design News, marble in the bathroom is a trend…

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Using Backing Soda Safe on Natural Stone San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 18 December 2019

The sodium bicarbonate powdered compound more commonly known as baking soda was first produced in the year 1791 by a French chemist, and one of its first applications outside of…

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Daring for Slate Countertops San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 14 June 2019

Slate is one of the most traditional natural-stone materials you can choose for your counters, particularly in the kitchen. Centuries before dark granite slabs became popular in North American kitchens,…

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Care for Fireplace Made of Marble San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 29 March 2019

Natural-stone fireplaces will never go out of style, particularly those that feature elaborate surrounds made with creamy Carrara marble, but they can easily lose their visual appeal if they’re not…

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How to Get Rid of Rust Stain on Natural Stone San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 20 March 2019

Rust stains can form on just about any type of surface, and they’re likely to occur on natural-stone tiles and slabs because of their chemical composition and molecular structure. For…

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Clean Makeup Stains on Natural Stone San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 27 February 2019

The beauty of natural stone makes it one of the most popular materials for bathroom countertops, but it’s still susceptible to surface stains, particularly from makeup and personal hygiene products….

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Prevent Etching Granite Countertops San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 01 February 2019

When it comes to choosing a natural-stone surface for kitchen and bathroom counters, homeowners pick granite for more than aesthetic reasons. Some people believe marble looks better than granite, but…

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Preventing Water Stains on Natural Stone San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 30 November 2018

Located to the southwest of the Vatican, the Baths of Caracalla are home to some of the most impressive masonry work from Roman times. This ancient structure contains more than…

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How to Get Rid of Soap Scum on Stone San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 14 November 2018

The potential of soap and other personal hygiene substances building up on natural-stone surfaces shouldn’t dissuade you from installing them in your bathrooms. Likewise, you shouldn’t despair when you notice…

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Slate Damage to Avoid San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 26 October 2018

Long before American homeowners fell in love with granite and marble, slate was a favorite construction material for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Historical structures covered in slate can be…

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Remove Water Spots from Natural Stone
Posted by Mike Rose | 05 October 2018

Bathhouse ruins in places such as Caracalla, Bath, and Wiesbaden are certainly magnificent, but they would look even better these days had ancient builders been able to develop a sealant…

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Dos & Don'ts When Caring for Travertine
Posted by Mike Rose | 24 August 2018

Even though travertine has the historic distinction of having been used extensively by builders during the Roman Empire, this type of natural stone is not commonly found in American households,...

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Natural Stone Maintain Luster
Posted by Mike Rose | 20 June 2018

The shiny and polished look of natural-stone surfaces is made possible by three factors: finishing, cleaning, and sealing. When natural-stone tiles and slabs are extracted from quarries, they go through…

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Care for Marble Counters
Posted by Mike Rose | 25 May 2018

Marble may be a timeless stone in terms of interior decoration and aesthetics, but this does not make it an eternal construction material. If this was the case, quite a…

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Granite in an RV
Posted by Mike Rose | 26 January 2018

Introducing natural stone such as granite to motorhomes is a great alternative to the materials traditionally used in the manufacturing and remodeling of these vehicles. Most options in the market…

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Difference Between Staining and Etching
Posted by Mike Rose | 19 January 2018

Etching and staining are two common forms of damage to natural stone that can occur at the same time if the stone is not properly sealed. Depending on the type…

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Winter Design Natural Stones
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 24 November 2017

Stone countertops can add an element of character and an artsy feel to a living space. Whether you choose limestone, travertine, granite, or another type of natural stone to embellish…

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Granite Countertops Are Better
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 22 November 2017

Ceramic tile and granite are both popular options for flooring, shower surrounds, and even countertops. While both offer many options for customization, there are several ways granite comes out ahead….

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How to Incorporate & Use Stone in Your Fireplace
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 10 November 2017

Most fireplaces and hearths are made from brick, which can become unsightly after years of cracks, chips, and paint. Incorporating natural stone can restore the glory to your fireplace and…

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Interesting Details About Slate
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 08 November 2017

When most people think of stone countertops or showers, they likely think of marble or granite. However, there are more than a dozen popular types of natural stone that can…

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Ryan's Brick BBQ Build
Posted by Mike Rose | 02 November 2017

The Story: Food tastes better cooked over a fire. We had a neighbor who cooked us dinner many times in their brick BBQ, which was basically 3 sides of brick,…

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