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FAQs About Quartz San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 11 January 2019

Among the various interior design trends expected for 2019, the increased presence of quartz in American homes is one of the most interesting. After years of being mostly confined to…

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Why Household Cleaners Shouldn't Be Used on Quartz San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 28 December 2018

Despite the global trade war and the import tariffs imposed on various construction materials in 2018, demand for quartz countertops has continued to increase in the United States, and this…

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Cost of Quartz vs Granite San Diego,CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 21 December 2018

After years of choosing granite over all other construction materials for their flooring and countertops, American homeowners are starting to discover quartz. In the past, engineered stone was not widely…

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Cambria Quartz San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 05 December 2018

Over the last few years, Cambria has emerged as one of the top brands of quartz in the world. You may have seen it advertised at Costco stores or on…

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Care for Zodiaq Counters San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 28 November 2018

The solid surface material developed by DuPont and originally known as Corian is now a parent brand for various construction materials. A few years ago, DuPont acquired Zodiaq, a respected…

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Quartz Counters Scratch Easy San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 23 November 2018

As one of the hardest construction materials in use this days, the engineered stone known as quartz has become even more popular than granite, and one of the reasons is…

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Myths About Quartz Countertops San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 09 November 2018

Engineered stone is part of a global market that is clearly on the rise. Quartz used to be mostly installed in commercial properties, but in recent years it has entered…

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Silestone Countertops Benefits
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 24 October 2018

As one of the most popular brands of engineered stone in the world, Silestone has almost become synonymous with quartz countertops. In recent years, the name Silestone has been appearing…

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Popular Quartz Brands
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 03 October 2018

For many decades, engineered stone wasn’t associated with branding. It was mostly called quartz because that was the name originally given to the construction material patented by the Italian company…

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Corian Countertops Benefits
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 28 September 2018

Corian is a construction material with an interesting history that dates back to the late 1960s. It was developed by DuPont and introduced to American home builders in 1971, around…

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Quartz Counter Things to Look
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 26 September 2018

According to a market research report published in 2018, the value of the global quartz market will increase to $9 billion by the year 2025. While this projection includes tiles,…

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Kitchen Island Quartz
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 19 September 2018

Over the last two decades or so, granite has dominated the interior decoration landscape as the preferred material for kitchen center islands, but this trend is being quickly replaced by…

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How Much Maintenance for Quartz
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 05 September 2018

Very low maintenance requirements are part of the appeal that makes quartz countertops so attractive to homeowners in 2018. Compared to natural stone such as granite and marble, quartz is…

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Best Quartz Countertops for a Home
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 22 August 2018

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your kitchen or bathroom countertops with quartz, you’re hardly alone. When it comes to trendy construction materials, quartz is king in 2018. This engineered...

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Popularity of Quartz Counters
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 17 August 2018

Despite engineered stone having been around since the late 1960s, the trend of installing slabs made of this material as countertops has really taken off in recent years. On the...

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How Quartz Countertops Are Made
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 08 August 2018

When future archaeologists describe the construction trends of 2018, they will likely note how quickly engineered stone emerged as a favorite material for floors and countertops. What is interesting about…

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Is Quartz Stainable
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 20 July 2018

One of the myths surrounding quartz is related to its stain-resistant properties. While quartz does not stain as easily as marble, granite, and other natural-stone surfaces, it’s not completely impervious…

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Prevent Quartz Counter Damage
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 13 July 2018

As more homeowners continue to choose quartz for their kitchen and bathroom countertops, some misconceptions are arising about how to care for these engineered surfaces. One of the problems is…

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Granite & Quartz Differences
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 04 July 2018

Most geologists are able to look at a granite or quartz countertop and immediately identify the correct material. However, many homeowners would not be able to do so without further…

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Professional Installation Quartz Countertops
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 27 June 2018

Now that quartz has become as popular as granite, many homeowners are contemplating the possibility of remodeling their kitchen and bathroom countertops. At the same time, some of these homeowners…

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Quartz Doesn't Need Sealing
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 15 June 2018

As the new favorite decorative surface of North American homeowners, quartz has achieved the popularity that marble, granite, travertine, and other types of natural stone have enjoyed for many years….

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