Posted by The Lennys | 15 June 2021

If you’re a savvy homeowner and you have natural-stone countertops, floors and other features, you may already have products in your cleaning caddies that you use specifically for your stone….

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Posted by The Lennys | 10 November 2020

Granite is a standout feature in your home regardless of the room and location you’ve installed it in, but over time it will start to lose that original shine it…

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Remove Oil Stains from Granite Countertops San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 10 July 2020

As you might be finding out, that glassy shine on your granite, marble or other natural-stone countertops is not permanent. Contrary to what many may think that glossy surface isn’t…

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ow to Buff Granite Countertops San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 31 January 2020

Homeowners who choose granite countertops often request a honed and polished finish for their stone. The ultra-glossy look of darker granite is very popular in the kitchen and in the…

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Best cleaner for quartz countertop maintenance
Posted by The Lennys | 25 October 2019

North American home builders are increasingly making quartz their preferred material for countertops. Builders can’t ignore the advantages presented by engineered stone. Slabs can be manufactured to resemble the finest…

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Should You Polish Granite Counters San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 30 August 2019

The women’s restrooms at one of the busiest transit hubs in the world recently got a makeover that included granite countertops. On the second floor of the New York City…

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Best Granite Countertop Polish San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 07 August 2019

Of all the types of natural stone you can choose for your flooring, countertop surfaces, and vertical panels, granite is one of the top choices. Many homeowners choose granite because…

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Quartz Countertop Polishing San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 26 July 2019

When real estate listings make the news, chances are celebrities are involved in the transaction. Such was the case in mid-2019, when Formula One racer Helio Castroneves put his Fort…

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How to Maintain Shine on Granite San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 03 July 2019

Thanks to its high quartz content, granite is a stone that can naturally shine after it’s cut with a giant saw with diamond blades and polished with diamond polishing heads…

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How to Clean Different Natural Stone San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 10 May 2019

Not all types of natural stone are created equal. For example, igneous rocks are formed by plutonic and volcanic processes that start out as magma before numerous minerals solidify and…

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Lost Shine on Granite Countertops San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 27 March 2019

When granite slabs are prepared for countertop installation, they can be finished by means of sandblasting or polishing for the purpose of getting a shiny finish. How long this glossy…

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Benefits of Utilizing Natural Stone in a Shower
Posted by The Lennys | 19 October 2018

After natural-stone blocks are extracted from quarries, they go through a masonry process that involves cutting, forming, and finishing prior to installation. Depending on the methodology and style of work…

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Granite Polish Mistakes
Posted by The Lennys | 06 April 2018

Natural-stone surfaces always look better after they have been polished. In the case of granite, this is a stone that practically demands a polished finish when installed as countertops, vertical…

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Granite Gold Polish®
Posted by The Lennys | 26 April 2017

When your granite countertops or shower tiles were installed, you were likely advised to seal the granite regularly to prevent stains. Though sealant is important for natural-stone countertops and showers,…

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Ask The Experts
Posted by The Lennys | 13 March 2015

Just seven days to go, and it’s officially spring. OK, we know many of you are still waiting for all the snow to melt, but with March 20 just around…

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Ask The Experts
Posted by The Lennys | 11 November 2014

How can the Stone Care Experts help you? Just Ask the Experts or visit us on Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, here’s a compilation of recently asked questions and answers: Q: What’s…

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Advantage Of Granite Countertops
Posted by The Lennys | 20 June 2014

Many homeowners install granite or marble countertops and vanities for their durability and to add more value to the home. But in the end, nothing beats the most visible benefit…

Coryanne Ettiene Tackles Spring Cleaing
Posted by The Lennys | 02 May 2014

The moment we can finally open the windows and get a slight hint of fresh air in the house is the moment when the gloves come on in our home….

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Ask the expert
Posted by The Lennys | 06 March 2014

So many of us love the design feature that a natural stone counter can bring to our kitchen, but often find ourselves confused on how best to care for them –…

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Ask The Experts
Posted by The Lennys | 28 October 2013

More questions from homeowners looking to protect their stone surfaces, with answers from the Stone Care Experts. How can we help you? Just Ask the Experts or visit us on…

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Posted by The Lennys | 18 October 2013

There’s nothing like the “wow” factor polishing gives to marble, granite and all other natural-stone surfaces. The reflective shine and luster becomes a centerpiece of your home décor, not to…

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