Cleaning Bird Droppings on Natural-Stone Patios San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 24 April 2019

Natural stone on outdoor spaces such as courtyards, garden paths, and entryways will always add a touch of elegance to a home. However, this kind of upgrade requires a certain…

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Get Rid of Mold on Stone Patio San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 14 December 2018

It doesn’t take much for mold to develop on natural stone, especially in outdoor environments such as patios. All mold requires is moisture, dirt, and a porous surface. Ancient builders…

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Cleaning Outdoor Stone San Diego, CA
Posted by The Lennys | 12 December 2018

Unfinished natural stone has been used in exterior construction applications dating back millenniums, but ancient builders didn’t have to worry about caring for exterior stone surfaces until the Egyptians started…

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Common Outdoor Stone Mistakes
Posted by The Lennys | 11 July 2018

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property or just want to build an outdoor space worthy of being featured in Better Homes and Gardens, you cannot go…

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Sealing Outdoor Stone
Posted by The Lennys | 27 April 2018

As one of the oldest construction materials still in use today, natural stone can be found in many outdoor structures. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World all featured natural…

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Natural Stone Outdoor Kitchen
Posted by The Lennys | 04 April 2018

Outdoor kitchens are used more often than most people think. Although these are not standard home features, homeowners who choose to install them often find themselves spending a lot of…

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Outdoor Stone Wall
Posted by The Lennys | 28 March 2018

Garden and patio stone walls used to be very popular elements of residential construction. In the past, they were used to establish the legal boundaries of land properties, and they…

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Landscape Architects Preference for Natural Stone
Posted by The Lennys | 09 March 2018

If you hire a reputable landscape design firm to handle an outdoor project in your property, chances are the architect will include the use of natural stone in the proposal….

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Bluestone for Outdoor Spaces
Posted by The Lennys | 07 March 2018

Bluestone is the name given to rocks formed by diverse geological processes that have occurred in various regions of the world. In North America, bluestone is essentially sandstone or limestone…

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Natural Stone for Garden
Posted by The Lennys | 07 February 2018

The aesthetics of landscaped vegetation combined with natural-stone arrangements dates back to the days of ancient Greece, where sculptors copied the techniques of the Egyptians, first with bronze and earthenware…

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Curb Appeal with Natural Stone
Posted by The Lennys | 24 January 2018

Curb appeal is essential if you plan to sell your home, as it creates a positive first impression and encourages potential buyers to step inside. Your home’s curb appeal is…

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Caring For Stone Patios And Walkways
Posted by The Lennys | 16 April 2015

The warmer, spring weather is gradually starting to take hold, and those areas hit hard with snow this winter are finally starting to see the last remnants of the white…

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Ask The Experts
Posted by The Lennys | 13 March 2015

Just seven days to go, and it’s officially spring. OK, we know many of you are still waiting for all the snow to melt, but with March 20 just around…

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Granite Cleaning and Home Improvements Tips
Posted by The Lennys | 02 October 2013

Five top tips from five valuable sources to help you with your fall clean-up and home improvement projects. Click on the title of each for more tips and advice. DIY…

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Granite Gold Logo®
Posted by The Lennys | 13 June 2013

Cleaning limestone, travertine or slate – the most popular natural stones for outdoor uses such as walks and patios – require just as much care and attention to detail as granite…

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