Granite Polish Mistakes San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 06 April 2018

Natural-stone surfaces always look better after they have been polished. In the case of granite, this is a stone that practically demands a polished finish when installed as countertops, vertical…

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Granite Versus Ceramic Tile San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 28 February 2018

The importance of choosing the right construction materials for flooring and counter surfaces boils down to more than just looks. Over the last few years, laminate materials have been heavily…

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Uncommon Uses for Granite San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 09 February 2018

You’re already familiar with granite countertops, floors, and showers, but there are many ways to incorporate a beautiful piece of natural granite in your home. Granite can have a grounding…

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Granite in an RV San Diego CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 26 January 2018

Introducing natural stone such as granite to motorhomes is a great alternative to the materials traditionally used in the manufacturing and remodeling of these vehicles. Most options in the market…

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Granite Vs Hardwood San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 12 January 2018

Since the late 20th century, American interior designers have been choosing granite for kitchen and bathroom counters. Real estate agents often encourage their clients to redo their kitchens with granite…

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Exotic Granite Types San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 10 January 2018

As an igneous and metamorphic rock, granite is often chosen as a natural-stone building material due to its variety of patterns, colors, and textures, and also because granite care is…

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Fake vs Real Granite San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 22 December 2017

Laminate and other manmade materials have come a long way in the last decade. Gone are the days when faux stone materials were obvious at a single glance. Today’s fake…

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Granite Rustic Home San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 20 December 2017

There is something very comfortable and inviting about living spaces that feature a rustic look, which is usually associated with mountain cabins and summer cottages. The rustic style of home…

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Advice for Hiring a Granite Installer in San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 31 May 2017

Some types of countertops can be installed with little experience or expertise, but natural stone is not one of them. It’s easy to spot granite, marble, and travertine countertops that…

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Granite Gold in San Diego, CA
Posted by Mike Rose | 17 May 2017

Tile flooring made from granite, travertine, marble, and other types of natural stone is the ultimate in durability, beauty, and practicality. It is great for resisting moisture once properly sealed,…

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