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Granite Countertops

Caring for Granite Counters in Outdoor Kitchen San Diego, CA
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 16 November 2018

When it comes to choosing additions that boost the value of residential properties, summer kitchens can be as effective as swimming pools, terraces, or extra dens, particularly if they feature…

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Matching Granite Counters with Cabinets
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 02 May 2018

As the most popular natural stone for modern kitchen counters, granite has become a staple of American interior design. Even homeowners who enjoy the retro styling of the 1960s and…

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Spill Wine on Stone Countertop
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 25 April 2018

-When you go online to look for advice on removing wine stains, you will likely find more than two million websites offering advice, tips, and numerous methods to handle this…

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White Stone Countertops
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 30 March 2018

Homeowners who choose white for their countertops are essentially making a strong statement about the importance of aesthetics in their lives. If you look at homes completed during the American real…

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Granite Countertops Unique Styles
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 16 March 2018

Granite countertops have dominated interior décor trends in the United States for nearly three decades. They have come to replace Corian and quartz because homeowners are more interested in natural-stone…

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Stone Counter Installation What to Expect
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 27 December 2017

Having natural-stone countertops installed is an investment in your home. It’s important to understand what you should expect during the installation process, as stone installation is not a fast or…

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Granite Countertops Cost
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 06 December 2017

Granite is highly sought after by homeowners as a countertop material in kitchens and bathrooms. This is because of its aesthetic value and durability. If you have chosen to incorporate…

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Why Granite Countertops Are a Sustainable Choice
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 15 November 2017

As a consumer, you have the power to choose materials for your home that support your beliefs. Choosing sustainable materials is one way to make your voice heard and reduce…

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Choosing Stone Countertops Based on Your Personality
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 03 November 2017

Choosing the right stone slab for your kitchen or bathroom may feel a bit overwhelming. You’ll get plenty of advice about how to match countertops, from using a similar color…

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Ryan's Brick BBQ Build
Posted by Mike Rose | 02 November 2017

The Story: Food tastes better cooked over a fire. We had a neighbor who cooked us dinner many times in their brick BBQ, which was basically 3 sides of brick,…

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Less Known Facts About Quartz
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 27 October 2017

Quartz is quickly becoming a popular choice for countertops. A growing number of homeowners are now familiar with this countertop option, but there’s still plenty you may not know about…

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Grouting a Stone Tile Floor
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 25 October 2017

Grouting can be rewarding because it means you’re almost done with your tile project. The flip side is when something goes wrong and you use the incorrect type of grout…

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Why Choosing Granite over Laminate is the Best Option for Your Countertop
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 18 October 2017

Laminate countertops have come a long way in the last two decades. Today, high definition laminate can resemble the look of granite and other types of natural stone. In addition…

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Selecting Ideal Backsplash for Stone Countertops
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 11 October 2017

While some might argue it’s hard to find an unattractive backsplash pairing with neutral natural-stone countertops, this doesn’t make your task any easier. There are many ways to choose the…

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Popular Granite Countertop Edges
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 04 October 2017

While most homeowners are aware stone countertops can be cut with different edges, many are surprised to learn just how many edge options there are today. When choosing the edge…

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Trendy Colors for Quartz Countertops
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 29 September 2017

Granite is still the top pick for countertops among homeowners, but quartz is rapidly gaining in popularity. Quartz is a nonporous surface that resists staining without the need to be…

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Sanitary Are Garnite Countertops?
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 27 September 2017

Granite is perhaps the most popular countertop material, and it is prized for its beauty and durability. However, when choosing a countertop material, appearance is likely not your only concern….

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Common Types of Granite Countertops Surface Finishes
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 08 September 2017

If you’re considering granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, you’re probably already aware granite comes in seemingly endless colors. What many homeowners don’t know is granite also comes in…

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Benefits of Installing Marble Countertops
Posted by Stone Care Experts | 06 September 2017

While marble isn’t quite as popular as granite, this natural stone has a lot to offer homeowners. The subtle beauty of marble can add timeless elegance to any space with…

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Baltic Brown with White Cabinets
Posted by Mike Rose | 15 March 2017

Granite is a gorgeous natural stone material that many homeowners covet. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces in the home, and it is most commonly used…

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Popular Colors for Back Splash
Posted by Mike Rose | 08 March 2017

As a natural stone and construction material, granite comes in a variety of colors that are defined by geological occurrences. Granite comes from igneous rocks that have been cut, formed,…

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