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Speed Clean Your Kitchen in 20 Minutes

Speed Clean Your Kitchen in 20 Minutes

Speed Clean Your Kitchen in 20 Minutes

Posted by Stone Care Experts | April 25, 2019 | Product Reviews

Published by Atlanta City Moms Blog, April 25, 2019

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where everyone gravitates to, and where we spend the bulk of our time at home. It’s also where all the big messes are made. It’s where play-doh and big art projects happen. A lot of meal prep goes on here and dishes pile up! The kitchen is the first place we need to clean and the one that seems the most overwhelming at times. My favorite approach to cleaning the kitchen is to do it as fast as possible in three (maybe four) steps.

Set a timer. 20 minutes is plenty of time!

Declutter: First, put away all food items. Grab a laundry basket and throw everything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen in there. If guests are on their way, hide it in a closet! Put dirty dishes in the sink. You can deal with those later.

Clean Your Countertops: This is the most important part! Countertops are the centerpiece of your kitchen, where people will rest their hands, and where messes are noticeable. If you have granite countertops like I do, you’ll want to use a good cleaner and polish. A few months ago, I started using Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® and my counters haven’t been this clean since we moved in (oops). Then I use Granite Gold Polish® to add shine and a smooth feeling. I love knowing when my guests touch the counters they’ll feel clean and smooth! Both of these products are now available at Publix and additional products are available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowes, The Home Depot, Walmart, and grocery and hardware stores throughout the U.S. (check the store locator for a store near you). also has more info on how to take care of natural stone, including sealing granite countertops regularly to keep them looking perfect! I love knowing these products are non-toxic and safe to use around my daughter.

Hit the Floor:I know we all spend a lot of time cleaning floors, but the truth is, they just aren’t as noticeable. People don’t walk in staring at the ground. When you’re in a hurry, just do a quick sweep to get crumbs off the floor!

If You Have Extra Time…

Put the things in your laundry basket away, or at least in the rooms they belong to. Then load your dishwasher. You’re all done!

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