How to Choose Stone Countertops Based on Your Personality

How to Choose Stone Countertops Based on Your Personality

How to Choose Stone Countertops Based on Your Personality

Choosing Stone Countertops Based on Your Personality in San Diego, CA

Choosing the right stone slab for your kitchen or bathroom may feel a bit overwhelming. You’ll get plenty of advice about how to match countertops, from using a similar color to your cabinets (or choosing a contrasting color) to matching the stone to your backsplash or appliances. One option that may make the process easier and more fun is matching your new natural-stone countertops with your personality. Here are few examples on how to approach this method. 

You Love Being a Trend-Setter

Natural stone comes in a huge array of patterns and colors. If you buck trends and like making your own style, there are many types of stone you won’t see in the average kitchen. For example, Black Fossil limestone from Ireland contains preserved ancient sea life, and Marinace granite is formed in cobbled riverbeds and features a black background with thousands of petrified stones in every shape and color. You can also choose something that doesn’t even look natural, but is. Iron Red granite was formed so long ago that the atmosphere had no oxygen, which resulted in intense grey and red bands of color and up to 90 percent ore. 

You Enjoy a Calm, Tranquil Environment

Marble and limestone tend to come with soft and subdued colors. These types of stone are good choices if you have a serene personality. Good examples include Calacatta marble or Pietra Cardosa limestone. Granite, on the other hand, is usually flecked with many colors of minerals, and there aren’t many slabs with a uniform pattern and color. 

You Love to Show Off

There’s no shame in wanting to show off your home to friends and neighbors. A gorgeous slab of natural stone can be a centerpiece for your kitchen and a conversation starter. If you want everyone to notice the countertops first, consider stone with bold patterns or vivid colors. Dynamic Blue granite is an exotic choice that boasts powerful blues with deep burgundy. 

You Dislike the Idea of Maintenance

If the thought of high maintenance countertops concerns you, you’ll do well with a nearly indestructible stone like granite or engineered quartz. Many styles of granite like Ubatuba, as well as other types of natural stone, are fairly easy to maintain, as natural-stone care mostly consists of regular cleaning, sealing, and polishing. Another option is engineered stone, which isn’t completely natural stone, but contains 90 percent quartz. Engineered quartz requires no sealing, and it’s extremely durable.

You Are Traditional

If you don’t like to rock the boat and you enjoy a traditional feel to a home, there are several types of limestone, granite, and marble that may match your personality. For a bathroom vanity, it’s hard to beat Arabescus White marble from Brazil. This type of marble features veins and swirls of dove, charcoal, and stone grey on a milky white background. Granite countertops are already considered quite traditional as long as you don’t stray too far from neutral colors. Consider beige and cream-speckled granite to match perfectly with your personality and style.

No matter what type of natural-stone countertops you choose, make sure to take care of them so they maintain their beauty and quality for many years to come. Get a granite polishing kit and a stone-safe sealer from Granite Gold®, and you’ll have the basics you need for getting started with natural-stone maintenance. To learn more about our products, call 1-800-475-STONE to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

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