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Small Bathroom? No Problem. How to Make Even the Smallest Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Small Bathroom? No Problem. How to Make Even the Smallest Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Small Bathroom? No Problem. How to Make Even the Smallest Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Posted by Stone Care Experts | October 9, 2018 | Stone Care Blog, Uncategorized
Make Small Bathroom Like a Spa

Everyone wants a large and luxurious bathroom to sit and relax in at the end of the day, but what do you do if your bathroom is smaller than you’d like? Do you have to settle for a life of subpar bathroom comfort? Not at all. You can make even the smallest bathroom feel like a spa. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Make the Space Light, Bright, and Cohesive

 Light walls automatically make a room feel bigger, and they also reflect the available light in the room. Reflecting the light off the walls instead of absorbing it also makes a room appear bigger. You can keep the light colors going beyond the walls by having a white toilet, tub, and vanity to create a seamless look and help the space seem bigger. If you’re worried about too much of the same color making the room seem boring, you can add different elements of texture such as stone, tile, and fabrics to give it some character. Adding small accent colors can also give it personality without making the room seem small.

Look for Floating Fixtures

In a small space, any bit of room you create can make a big difference. A floating toilet bowl creates space on the bottom of the toilet, but it also takes up less space than normal because the bulky tank isn’t attached on the back. You can also add a floating vanity to your bathroom, which offers space on the bottom just like a floating toilet would but still allows you to have storage options.

Get a Big Mirror

A large mirror can reflect the light in your bathroom and double the size of your bathroom visually. You can go big with a framed mirror that reaches to the ceiling and make it look even bigger by hanging the light fixture on top or in front of the mirror, which makes the light reflect even more. Another idea is to go wall to wall with your mirror option, which might seem like it would be expensive, but it would actually be cheaper than a tile wall in many cases.

Use a Glass Shower Door

A shower curtain creates a visual wall that cuts off the room and makes it feel smaller. A glass panel, on the other hand, can make an entire bathroom visible and allow it to look bigger. If baths aren’t your thing, consider taking the bath out completely and using a walk-in shower, which will make the room feel even bigger.

Add a Bit of Luxury

A small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to limit the luxury. You can make your bathroom look more expensive by adding a bit of wainscoting or beadboard along the bottom half of the wall. Natural-stone tile in the shower or tub surrounds can also bring different textures into the bathroom for an elegant look. Popular choices like marble, granite, and travertine come in a wide array of colors and patterns, allowing for a unique space. Natural-stone materials have been used in baths and spas since ancient times. There’s no other material that offers the durability of stone. Plus, stone care is even easier now with stone-safe shower cleaners like Granite Gold Shower Cleaner®.

Want to take your relaxation level even further? Consider upgrading your showerhead. A high pressure or rain showerhead can help you wind down at the end of the day while also adding a bit of value to your home. This website can help you to learn more about which shower head best fits your needs.

If you have granite, marble, travertine, or another type of natural stone in your bathroom, reach out to Granite Gold® today to find out how to properly care for your stone. Call 1-800-475-STONE (7866) to speak with one of our knowledgable representatives.

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