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Protect Granite & All Other Natural Stone With Lou Manfredini

Protect Granite & All Other Natural Stone With Lou Manfredini

Protect Granite & All Other Natural Stone With Lou Manfredini

Posted by Stone Care Experts | January 18, 2019 | Press Releases
House Smarts Radio With Lou Manfredini

Lenny Sciarrino, Granite Gold Inc. president/CEO and co-founder, shares his family history and proper stone-care maintenance tips with nationally known DIYer Lou Manfredini on WGN Radio.

In the thick of the holiday season, Lou asks for expert advice on preventative maintenance against stains during holiday parties. Having grown up in the stone industry, Lenny explains the three essential steps to protect natural stone before the holidays. The segment also features purchasing options for listeners, industry trends and how homeowners can protect their new granite or quartz countertops from accidental damage with Granite Gold Protection Plan®. Listen to the interview recording below.

We look forward to more conversations throughout this year. Tune in regularly to House Smarts with Lou Manfredini on WGN 720 Radio, KABC 790, WABC 77 and KGO 810 for the latest home improvement tips and tricks.

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