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How to Add Stone Remnants to the Décor in Your Home

How to Add Stone Remnants to the Décor in Your Home

How to Add Stone Remnants to the Décor in Your Home

Posted by Stone Care Experts | November 7, 2018 | Stone Care Blog, Uncategorized
Using Natural-Stone Remnants in Home San Diego, CA

Stone remnants are pieces of tile or slab that are left over after installing natural stone. Masonry workers often order material in excess of the measurements they take in case they make mistakes or accidentally break pieces. The remnants are yours to keep if you paid for an exact amount of natural stone. However, some natural-stone providers make their inventory of remnants available to the public. For example, some craft makers who sell their creations on the Etsy online marketplace purchase marble remnants to carve figurines. If you have natural-stone remnants from an installation, put them to good use in your house. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Kitchen Accessories

The most common use of a remnant marble tile is to turn it into a functional cutting board, but the aesthetic colors and patterns of this natural stone deserve a more decorative purpose. Marble trivets and cheeseboards are easy to make. Simply figure out the geometric design and take the remnants to a masonry shop for cutting, edging, and finishing.


If you have a few tiles or a leftover piece of a panel, one of your best options is to create aesthetic backsplash sections. You may not have enough remnants on hand to make a wall-to-wall backsplash in your kitchen, but you can always purchase additional remnants from a masonry shop to make a mosaic. Smaller amounts of remnants can be made into backsplash sections for the bathroom. For example, in the space between the sink and the medicine cabinet. Another suitable backsplash spot would be above a fireplace surround or mantel. Remember that natural-stone backsplash sections in bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly and sealed with a specially formulated marble and granite sealer to protect them from water stains.

Decorative Shelving

Small statues, bottles, figurines, candles, and framed photographs will always look better if you place them on decorative shelves, and this is a good opportunity to take advantage of your remnants. Decorative shelves don’t have to be as long as bookshelves. You can make two natural-stone shelves from a single floor tile. Just make sure to get nice brackets to match the room’s décor.

Tabletops and Desktops

Just about any kind of table surface will look better after it’s topped with a natural-stone remnant. Large panels remaining from countertop installations only need to be cut and edged before being placed atop tables. Tiles require a more elaborate installation since they need to be joined and adhered. You can also make a mosaic of uneven stone fragments to decorate a coffee table. Keep in mind you can always have your remnants refinished. If they are polished, they can be transformed with a brushed finish to match a rustic style of interior decoration.

For additional suggestions on how to incorporate natural-stone remnants into your décor, or to learn how to clean natural stone, contact Granite Gold® today. All of our stone care products are safe to use on granite, marble, slate, and other types of natural stone. To speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives, give us a call at 1-800-475-STONE (7866).

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