Get Your Best Shine

Get Your Best Shine

Get Your Best Shine

Posted by Stone Care Experts | June 5, 2017 | Product Reviews

Redoing my kitchen counter tops and back splash was a long, long time coming, but last June I was finally able to get it done!! I searched and researched all types of counters, asked lots of questions and finally settled on granite.  I’ve never had granite before, so learning how to take care of them was all new to me.  Then I was introduced to Granite Gold.

Here is how the stone gets it’s natural shine: 

The stone is first quarried from the earth’s surface.  These 40,000 pound stone blocks are taken to a factory for processing, where then a giant gang saw using  diamond blades slices the blocks into a calibrated thickness.  Next, they are sent over to a polishing line where they pass under diamond polishing heads that apply thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch.  Here, finer and finer grits bring out the natural polish of the stone and slabs are then bundled and shipped to your local stone manufacturer and installer to be further cut to a homeowner’s needs.  It’s this factory finish that enhances their inherent characteristics —veins, swirls, crystals —prior to installation.

Personally I was worried about the amount of maintenance granite would take, but Granite Gold has made that simple. It is done in three easy steps;  Clean, Seal, Polish.  Clean your surface daily or after any meal preparation.  Seal frequently, you can’t over-seal natural stone! This will provide protection against staining, etching and soil build-up.   Polish regularly. This provides two great benefits; it brings out the stone’s natural beauty and it will reinforce the protective seal.  All of these can be done with a lint free cloth or paper towels.

Granite Gold is a family owned company that spans three generations.  They were always asked, “What should I use to clean my stone?”  and there wasn’t really anything on the market that they felt they could recommend with confidence.  Common household cleaners will damage natural stone.  They began experimenting in the late ’90’s to find an answer and a few years later finally came up with the Granite Gold line.  This solution is safe on all stone surfaces.  Different stones vary in porosity and density, but Granite Gold will not leave streaks or fingerprints on your counters.

Granite Gold Inc. was formed in 2003, and in 2004 they set out to bring the Granite Gold brand stone-care products to a mass consumer audience.  Today you can  find them in stores nationwide such as Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and

Here is a store locator so you can find one near you:

Written by: Mom Does Reviews

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