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What Polish Should You Use on Granite?

What Polish Should You Use on Granite?

What Polish Should You Use on Granite?

Best Granite Countertop Polish San Diego, CA

Of all the types of natural stone you can choose for your flooring, countertop surfaces, and vertical panels, granite is one of the top choices. Many homeowners choose granite because of its durability and the fact that it can boost the value and appeal of their properties. One of the other major reasons homeowners love granite countertops is their attractive shine, which requires proper maintenance that includes regularly polishing the surface. However, it’s crucial to know which polishing products you should and shouldn’t use on granite.

Why You Should Polish Granite

When it comes to polishing granite surfaces, there’s more than just aesthetics involved. When you work the polishing solution into the stone, you’re also protecting the surface against water spots that could later become stains. On dark granite slabs and panels, fingerprints and streaks are less likely to form when you incorporate polishing into your maintenance routine.

Here’s a quick video on how to use Granite Gold Polish®:

What You Shouldn’t Use to Polish Granite

Just as common household cleaning products should never be used to clean granite, the same can be said about household polishing products. For example, the wax you might normally use to polish ceramic tiles is something you need to keep away from granite because it isn’t good to use on food-prep surfaces. Another problem with many of the polishing and waxing products found on the shelves of your local supermarket is that they may be caustic, which means they can strip the protective sealant you’re supposed to maintain on granite surfaces. Instead, you need to use a specially formulated granite polish.

The Best Granite Polish You Should Use

Granite Gold Polish® is the product you should be using to keep your granite surfaces looking glossy all the time. The nontoxic formula of Granite Gold Polish® is ideal for use on kitchen and bathroom countertops, and it doesn’t contain ammonia or phosphates that can weaken the protective sealant. If you don’t know how to polish granite, it’s a simple process. First, you should clean the stone with Granite Gold Daily Cleaner®. Next, spray the polish directly onto the stone’s surface, then buff dry with Granite Gold Polish Buffing Cloth®. Many homeowners also use Granite Gold Polish Wipes® as an alternative polishing option with the same benefits. It should be noted that Granite Gold Polish® can be used on all natural-stone surfaces, including marble, travertine, slate, and limestone.

The Right Way to Use Granite Gold Polish®

There’s a certain order you should follow when polishing your granite, and cleaning with a safe product such as Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® always comes first. The second step is to determine if you need to reseal the surface. If so, use Granite Gold Sealer® and allow 24 hours for it to dry and cure before the final polishing step. Also, you shouldn’t polish your granite floor tiles because doing so will cause them to become too slippery. Only polish your countertops, surrounds, and vertical panels. For polished stone floors, seek a professional stone restoration specialist in your area with the proper tools and training.

For more information on polishing granite and other types of natural stone, reach out to the Stone Care Experts at Granite Gold®. Call us today at 1-800-475-STONE (7866), and make sure to like our Facebook page as well.


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