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What Type of Cleaner Should You Use on Your Quartz Countertops?

What Type of Cleaner Should You Use on Your Quartz Countertops?

What Type of Cleaner Should You Use on Your Quartz Countertops?

Posted by Stone Care Experts | March 8, 2019 | Quartz, Stone Care Blog
Best Quartz Cleaner San Diego, CA

Matte black appliances and quartz countertops are the hottest trends in kitchen design for 2019. According to a survey taken among users of the Houzz home improvement mobile app, 48 percent of homeowners are choosing quartz when they upgrade their kitchens, which is a 5 percent increase from last year, and the preferred colors tend to be lighter and with patterns that evoke the look of marble. Smart appliances such as electric ranges, advanced stoves, and refrigerators that connect to the Amazon Alexa or Google Home automation hubs are also becoming very popular, and the favorite finish is black for a nice contrast with light-colored quartz counters.

In the bathrooms, quartz countertops are also replacing natural-stone surfaces, and ease of maintenance is the most commonly cited factor in this decision. As long as the right quartz cleaner is used, quartz is a breeze to maintain, and the only product you should use is one that has been specifically formulated for this purpose.

What You Shouldn’t Use on Quartz Surfaces

Since quartz is an engineered construction material, homeowners may feel tempted to treat their countertops as if they were topped with ceramic tiles or laminate panels. The reality of quartz is that more than 90 percent of its composition is natural quartz and resins, which means it’s sensitive to many common household cleaners. Products with sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, should be avoided along with others that are too acidic for quartz.

The Best Choice for Cleaning Quartz Countertops

Granite Gold Quartz Brite® is a quartz cleaner you can safely use on your quartz countertops. It works on all engineered stone and solid surface materials, including the older Corian slabs that were popular in the 1970s. This daily cleaner features a two-in-one cleaner and polish formula that cleans away dirt, debris, and liquids while leaving a polished look. Granite Gold Quartz Brite® doesn’t contain bleach, ammonia, or phosphates that could be harmful to quartz slabs and tiles.

Properties of Granite Gold Quartz Brite®

This cleaner is pH balanced, the streak-free formulation makes for easier and faster cleaning, and it can be used in the kitchen because it’s safe to clean food preparation surfaces.

How to Use Granite Gold Quartz Brite®

This product can be sprayed directly on quartz surfaces, then it should be buffed to a luster with a microfiber cloth or paper towel and wiped dry with a new cloth or paper towel. The process can be repeated as desired, or after meal preparation. However, never use Granite Gold Quartz Brite® on quartz flooring, as the polish could make the floor dangerously slippery.

For more information on Granite Gold Quartz Brite® and caring for quartz surfaces, reach out to Granite Gold® at 1-800-475-STONE (7866). We also offer a wide array of products that are safe to use on natural-stone surfaces such as marble, granite, and slate.

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