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A Clean Home With Granite Gold

A Clean Home With Granite Gold

A Clean Home With Granite Gold

Posted by Stone Care Experts | June 14, 2019 | Product Reviews

Originally published by Lively Craze, June 14, 2019

Cleaning a home is essential and picking the right item is crucial. Read more to see why we choose Granite Gold when it comes to a clean home.

We love a clean home. Not only does it give us a feeling of accomplishment for the week but  we both have been in households that have gone through Cancer and it was essential to keep all surfaces clean. We also we are now more aware about the long-term effects some of those highly chemical surface cleaners have.  So, finding the in-between was cumbersome. You can go with those all-natural items that are highly acidic and will wear away your natural stone surfaces over time leading to costly repairs. And using basic water and soap isn’t fooling anyone either. That’s why we were so happy to team up with Granite Gold. From Clean, Seal and Polish, we know we have a clean home and a safe home.

The three items we truly enjoyed using for our granite counter tops are the cleaner, sealer and polish. The cleaner is great for daily use, meaning use it once, twice or after every time something comes into contact with your counter. You can never be too clean, and the best part is it won’t eat away at your counter and you won’t be suffocating from the chemical scent. The sealer would be the item you use after the cleaner. You can use this as frequently as you’d like because truthfully you can’t over seal natural stone surfaces. The more you seal more protection you will give to your surface. Lastly would be the polish. Polishing results in two benefits; one – it brings out the color of your stone and second – it will reinforce the protective seal. So if you’re someone that hates finger prints or marks we’d recommend adding this into your cleaning routine.

The best thing about all these items is they come in wipe options as well – which is a great option to use after hosting a dinner party. Also they are sold in most major stores in the U.S. and internationally. You can shop our three cleaner options below for our granite surfaces!





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